Summer Backyard: Designing a Patio to Suit Your Lifestyle

Designing a Patio with Pavers

Whether you’re looking to kick back and enjoy the outdoors or provide entertainment for guests, your patio will be center of your backyard. The functions of a patio are limitless allowing you to have plenty of options to choose from. Achieving the right look for your patio can be difficult but will be sure to leave guests in awe. If you’ve ever thought about increasing the value of your home or spicing up your backyard, a new patio could be exactly what you’re searching for this summer. Let’s talk about designing a patio.

An Inside on Materials Used when Designing a Patio

Plan the location and design of your patio in advance. An average patio will start from a backdoor and continue to your backyard at your desired length and size. When selecting the materials your patio will consist of, you should first understand the available options. Patio materials include brick, flagstone, cobblestone, concrete, or wood. There is no material that really reigns superior over the others however a different look will be achieved using each material.

  • Brick patios are constructed by laying out bricks so that they fit together with little to no gaps between them. The bricks can be a uniform size or compiled of different sizes to add a visual effect.
  • Flagstone is a type of flat stone that can be cut into square or rectangular shapes for your patio. Some designs even call for uncut pieces to again add a weathered appearance.
  • Cobblestone can also give off that same appearance when introduced into a patio. The patio will be made up of many stones (similar shapes and sizes) and will be matched up to create the flooring. With cobblestone, it is important to understand that by using stones that are similar but not identical, the patio will obtain a simple yet elegant texture.
  • On the other hand a concrete patio area is one of the easiest to install and can produce a smooth uniform surface. Coincidentally most concreate patios go hand in hand with swimming pools because of their design.
  • Lastly are wooden deck patios. These patios are often raised off of the ground and require pressure treated wood to protect against rot, fungal decay, and termites.

The Patio Possibilities are Endless

The process of designing a patio should be fun and enjoyable, after all the possibilities truly are endless. Patio designs can be as simple as you would like. They can consist of a small walkway through a garden to a table and seating area. Ranging to an area for grilling on warm summer days. On the other hand patios can be complex with as many working parts. It is possible to incorporate almost anything into a patio area.

Common Patio Combinations and Features

Common features include swimming pools, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and even overhangs to keep you dry or out of the sun. Almost anything that you can think of can be incorporated into a beautiful patio area. This is what makes the creation process enjoyable and the final product seem like something out of a dream. Check back next week to learn more about installing a swimming pool with your patio.

New England Enterprises has over 25 years of expertise in landscape construction to help with you design and build your dream patio. We offer some of the highest quality of services and truly care about our customers. If you would like more information about how we can turn your backyard into a brand new experience for your family and friends, contact us.