Stump Removal: Assessing Your Project

Stump Removal, New England Enterprises, Marlborough, MA

After you cut down a tree on their property, you are often left with an unsightly stump to deal with. Stumps can be eyesores, take up valuable and usable space, and can even be hazardous. After removing a tree, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to leave the stump behind. However, stump removal is not often included with tree removal. Compared to tree removal, stump removal is much more involved.

When deciding the best way to remove a stump, you’ll first want to consider the type, number and size of the stumps. That information will determine the method you choose. You’ll get the job done faster and more efficiently when you use the right techniques and methods. There are a handful of viable options to consider, which we’ll cover in the next section.

First: Assess the Stump

Take a good look at what you’ve got. The type, number, and size of stumps in your yard will largely determine how you go about removing them.


Some tree types have stumps that are easier to remove than others. Therefore, there are different techniques for removal. Pine tree stumps tend to be easier to remove because their roots tend to be wide, flat, and relatively shallow. On the other hand, oak and other deciduous trees are more difficult to remove because their roots tend to be long and deep. Also, age is a factor. The older the stump, the easier it will be to remove.


If you have many stumps to remove, it is not realistic to try and hand-dig them up yourself. Conversely, if you only have one or a few stumps to remove, renting a backhoe or skid steer is not very practical and would be costly for a small job.


Obviously, the smaller the stump, the easier it will be to remove. But even one large stump can be too difficult to remove on your own or without machinery. So the size of the stump will play a big role in what removal method to use.

When assessing your stumps, another factor that is in play is time.

  • What is your timetable for removing these stumps?
  • Are you planning on doing some spring gardening or hosting a summer event?
  • Do you plan to sell the property in the near future?

Not only will you need time to remove the stumps, but also to repair the damage. You may need to reseed the lawn or replanting the area with a garden or a new tree.

Nobody wants an unsightly stump taking up valuable space and causing a hazard in their yard. It is very important to know the different stump removal options out there to help you determine the best method to use for your yard.

If you’ve decided that the job is too big and that you need help from the professionals, contact New England Enterprises. We have the expertise, equipment and manpower to fully remove and dispose of any stumps in your yard.

Our next article will talk about the various methods that you can do and professionals to remove the stump.