Stone Retaining Walls Add Character to Your Yard

Stone Retaining Walls Add Character to Gardens

Your landscaping sets the stage for the beauty of the exterior of your home. If you want to accentuate and beautify the front of your home or create a tranquil space in your backyard, adding a strategically placed landscape area is an option. One thing to consider when planning your landscaping is the use of stone retaining walls.

While stone walls were traditionally used as boundaries between fields, they are now a popular choice for landscape design. These walls can add simple character to an otherwise plain garden and provide structure to keep the landscape secured.

Stone retaining walls are no longer constrained to the traditional use of the wall as a boundary. You have almost unlimited options for when and how to use stone retaining walls in your gardens and landscaping. As a result, stone walls are a popular option with many different styles to choose from.

Here are a few ways that you can use them at your home:

As a Backdrop

Stone wall as a backdrop
Stone retaining wall as a backdrop

Stone retaining walls make excellent backdrops for a level or tiered garden. By building a stone retaining wall behind your existing plants, you can showcase your plants and make them stand out.

Using a stone retaining wall as a backdrop is a great place to grow vines, perennials or annuals to keep the look fresh each year. Plus you can place lighting and other accents that will make your garden that much more unique.

If the location is right, a well-placed stone wall can also function as a place to sit, making it both beautiful and practical.

As a Divider

If you have a large yard, it may warrant a divider to help separate one area for another. Rather than using a picket fence, hedge or other type of division, you should consider building a stone wall.

Stone walls not only add the separation that you desire, but are also beautiful on their own. You can leave the wall by itself or plant a garden, shrubs or bushes along your property line. Either way, it will be noted as one of the most beautiful aspects of your yard.

Retaining Walls and Edging

Stone Walls Landscape Construction
Stone retaining walls add character and visual appeal to your landscape

Stone walls come in a variety of shapes, heights, widths and styles and can be designed to fit into any area. One of the most beautiful ways to make use of stone walls in your garden is to build one as a retaining wall.

Whether you need a stone retaining wall to stop natural erosion or to create a raised garden, this is an incredibly practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Raised gardens have become particularly popular recently. A raised garden with a well designed retaining wall can create sitting spaces with trees, vines and other plants that cascade over the side of your new stone wall.

Stone Walls for Grading
Stone walls used to retain the natural erosion of your yard

Regardless of the size, location or style of your gardens, adding a stone wall can turn an otherwise drab garden into a comfortable and great looking space while securing the land from eroding.

With options ranging from rustic, country stone walls to more modern looking stone arrangements, there is sure to be a wall that fits in perfectly for you. With a few custom touches, such as benches, fountains and a variety of beautiful plants, you can make any outdoor space look and feel amazing.

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