Spring Landscape Renovation Ideas to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Spring Landscape Renovation Ideas to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

The temperatures are getting warmer. The days are definitely getting longer. So, it’s time to gather ideas for potential landscape renovation projects for the spring.

Many people fall into the trap and think landscape renovation means starting a new project. While that’s true, it’s only half of it. Before making decisions about what to add to your landscape, you need to remove outdated items.

Investing in your property is a good idea, especially if you may wish to sell your home at some point. Some landscape renovation ideas can add real value, even if they are not major or overly complicated. Did you know that good landscaping can add up to 28% to the overall value of your home according to John Harris, landscape economist?

Your outdoor area is the first thing people see. So before your invest, let’s start with cleanup and what you should remove from your property.

What to Remove

An overgrown, dull and messy landscape sends a signal that you may not have a home that is well cared for. An easy and cost-efficient way to improve your property is to cleanup what you have. Here is where to start.

Outdated shrubs

Many houses still have the old-fashioned shrubs growing from the foundation all the way up to the front windows of your home. Back in the day, the purpose was to hide an ugly house. There aren’t many ugly houses left these days. But many of these foundation shrubs are still there. And what’s worse…they’re overgrown and taking over your walkway.

Sick trees

You know the tree you bought over a decade ago and paid a lot of money for? It’s time to get rid of it. It looks sickly and many of its large branches fell during that early fall snowstorm. You may love the tree, but it’s time to dump it.

Look at other trees while you are out there. Remove dead branches if you can. Trimming trees of dead limbs helps them become healthier and appear neater.

Overgrown plants

I’m sure someone (maybe even you) had good intentions when they planted a bunch of evergreen ground cover. But now it’s growing out of control and taking over the space where you’d like to add some new annuals. Don’t think twice about it. Dig it all up and ditch it.

Deteriorating retaining walls or an old shed

If your property has an area that contains an unsightly object, it is worth removing. Removing a damaged retaining wall or an old shed that may be a safety hazard goes a long way to making the property look cleaner.

Once you’ve removed the outdated shrubs, sick trees, and overgrown plants; you have a clean slate. This is the fun part. What should you add?

What to Add

Before heading out to purchase new plants or materials, have a plan. Let’s start with some easy projects and go from there. Some may need the help of a professional and you will want to make sure you can schedule them.

Modern shrubs

The best part about the readily available modern shrubs are the maintenance factor. They’re much lower maintenance than their traditional counterparts. Take a boxwood for example. You only need to prune it, if you want to change its shape!

State-of-the-art irrigation system

Similar to modern shrubs, adding modern irrigation systems are exciting due to their efficiency. They also have lots of great features like automatic shut-off when it rains. I don’t know about you, but a pet peeve of mine is driving by a sprinkler system going full blast in the middle of a drenching rainstorm. Investing in a new system is environmentally friendly and will save you money!


Fresh mulch added to plant beds can add a fresh look to your yard. In addition to adding color and texture, it adds a finishing touch while also locking in moisture and nutrients for the plants. 

New home entrance

Consider designing a new entrance to welcome visitors to your home. Just by updating your door and maybe even adding new stairs, this project will go a long way in modernizing the look and feel of your house. And the added bonus is the updated entrance enhances curb appeal, increasing the value of your home. So, like the irrigation system, it provides a good return on investment!

What to consider

Now that you’ve cleaned up your yard and add a few new features, consider what landscape renovation ideas may be the best projects to invest in. Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home. As we head into nicer, warmer weather, we will be able to entertain friends and family and to simply relax and enjoy the outdoors. The following are the more popular ideas being adding to many landscapes.

Outdoor lighting

The right outdoor lighting can bring out the beauty of your entire property. It can add warmth to your yard and turn you backyard into an inviting place to relax and rewind. Once the weather becomes warmer, we will want to get outside and spend as much time as possible.


Firepits have become one of the most popular with younger homeowners and increase your resale value if you have one installed. They are attractive and encourage outdoor socializing, even as the weather gets cooler. Having a firepit allows you to extend your outdoor time well into the fall.  Not only do they add value, they provide a low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly landscaping option.


If you do add a firepit to your backyard, you could consider installing a patio around it that provides room for groups to gather or a comfortable spot for you to relax alone.

Good luck with your projects and remember it’s not all about adding new things. It’s just as important to remove the outdated parts of your landscape, too before you undertake a larger project. Refer to our spring landscape cleanup checklist for more ideas.