Spring Landscape Cleanup – Top 7 Tasks to Ensure Your Yard Blossoms

Spring Landscape Tips

Spring is upon us, which means longer, warmer days, bright colors, green grass and everyone’s favorite task: landscape cleanup. Although it may seem tedious and never-ending, cleaning up your property in the spring helps revitalize and reawaken a yard that has been dormant for the last few months. By starting the landscape cleanup process as quickly as possible, you can set your yard up for success. And you can reduce the amount of cleanup and maintenance that is required throughout the rest of spring and summer.

If you are unsure of where to start, here are the top 7 tasks to help make sure your yard blossoms this spring:


For many homeowners, pruning shrubs, bushes, trees and perennials is very tedious and often neglected. Take some time to use your pruning shears to trim any dead limbs, leaves and branches from these plants. Early pruning helps promote strong growth in the coming season.

Clean and Aerate The Soil

In addition to pruning, it is important to loosen the soil around all of the plants in your landscaping. This is also the perfect time to remove all old mulch, dead leaves and other debris that may be hanging out in your garden from the winter. This will help improve the overall health of your soil and provide your plants with the head start that they need.

Remove Dead Annuals

It’s hard to remove annuals that are still blooming in the fall. But once the first frost hits, they don’t survive. So most of us have last year’s plant roots in the ground.

If you haven’t already done so, remove the dead plants and clear the way for a fresh batch of annuals. This is a pretty easy task which can be accomplished by simply pulling all dead annuals out with your hand.

Spend Time on your Lawn

Now is the time to prepare your lawn for the season. Follow this handy checklist for more details on how to turn your lawn into a lush green carpet.

Your lawn may have dead leaves and other debris that have blown off trees on your property, especially if your property has very many large trees on it. It is amazing how much of an effect a gentle raking can have on your lawn.

Not only will it make your lawn look much better, it will also help encourage the growth of the grass that may already be coming up. In addition to the leaves, make sure that you remove any rocks or other items that could prove dangerous while mowing.

Spread New Mulch

Whether your mulch is just fading in color, you have removed it, or it has just spread out over time, now is the perfect time to spread a new, thick layer of mulch around trees and flower beds. A good bed of mulch helps your soil to retain moisture, while protecting it from the sun. This can be a huge help when it comes to growing large, healthy, beautiful plants.

Check Your Irrigation System

One of the keys to a healthy landscape is proper irrigation. Before you start your regular watering schedule, check your sprinkler system to ensure that everything is working properly. This means making sure that all sprinkler heads are working, and pointing in the right direction. You should also make sure that you have appropriate drainage to avoid any standing water.

Plan Your Spring and Summer Landscaping

Once you have your lawn and landscaping cleaned, it is time to start planting and encouraging new plants during the spring and summer. Take a few minutes to plan everything out so that you can do it right the first time.

A lovely yard takes work. With a little spring landscape cleanup effort, you can take the most drab and damaged winter lawn and garden and turn them into a lush, beautiful spring landscape. Get started now with these tips and you can be sure that you will have one of the best looking yards in the neighborhood.

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  1. The snow in my yard is melting a little bit sooner than I thought it would. So I though that I would start forming a plan on what I want and need to do for my lawn this spring. I liked that you pointed out that I should check my sprinkler system and make sure it is working properly. I don’t know how to do that, hopefully, I can hire a landscaper to check that for me.

  2. Great tips for landscape cleanup during spring season. It’s important to maintain it to make your yard look nice and lessen your workload the next spring time.

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