Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

Small Yard Landscaping Ideas - New England Enterprises

Having a small yard has its benefits. You have less lawn to mow, fewer leaves to rake, and hopefully, lower taxes. The problem is, it’s challenging to design a truly beautiful landscape with a small yard. There are no grand views, no long walks through beautiful gardens, and no room for water. While smaller yards require less maintenance, they can be more challenging to design. Since the classic landscaping scene is a large yard, it takes more creativity to develop good small yard landscaping. Not sure what to do with limited space? Here are some small yard ideas which will help the overall appeal of your landscape.

Use Quality Materials

Use simple ideas, shapes, and materials to keep from overwhelming the space. However, this doesn’t mean go cheap. A smaller space will require less materials and the entire project will cost less. This may allow you to purchase high quality materials. What you lose in quantity can be at least partially made up for through quality. Another benefit of quality, is that it will take attention away from the limited space and by drawing attention to the luxurious materials.

Create the Illusion of Depth

Certain colors and color combinations create depth of the illusion of depth which will make your yard seem vaster. Darker colors tend to fade to the background, while brighter colors pop to the forefront of our attention. There are other visual tricks which will help you build the illusion of a larger yard. Using different sized objects and overlapping objects also tricks the eye into seeing more than is really there.

Other Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

Here are some things to keep in mind while designing your small yard landscaping.

  • Placed objects below surface (partially sunk) into the ground
  • Make each space count
  • Don’t be redundant
  • Install a fixture (like a brick wall or fence) to help mute traffic noise
  • Gardens and bushes can add not only beauty, but privacy
  • Don’t try to save space by skimping out of walkways
  • Fountains can also help cover urban noises if you live close to neighbors

Keep in mind exactly what you want your lawn to provide.

For Extremely Small Yards

If you have very limited space, think carefully about what functions you want your yard to be capable of. If you plan on entertaining, albeit a small scale, you can’t fill up your limited space with plants. Instead, consider installing a patio as the central feature of your lawn. You can look at this as a drawback or as an easy (and very functional) way to fill up your space. If you wish to entertain, a patio is a must. Place plants and decorations around the border of the patio. If you don’t plan to entertain, low maintenance, visually appealing features are key.

Designing, installing, and maintaining an attractive landscape can be a challenge, no matter the size. If you would like to improve your landscape, contact New England Enterprises of Marlborough, MA for an estimate. In addition to general landscape design and installation, we also provide grading and draining services, which will enhance the beauty and health of your lawn. We have the expertise, equipment, and years of experience to fully meet your landscaping needs.