Landscaping Ideas for a Small Backyard

small backyard landscaping ideas

Just because you have a small backyard doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some cool, landscaping ideas. Even if your home has a tight outdoor space, you can implement your landscape design ideas, just at a smaller scale. 

Small backyards are sometimes better than huge backyards because you can create a cozy space. While you may need to compromise a bit, you can still make the most out of your smaller space by choosing wisely.

Keep reading to learn some clever make-over ideas for your small plot of land.

Plant lavender

Colorful plants are always a good idea. But plants like lavender that are known for their calming scent are an excellent idea. Why? Lavender creates a welcoming atmosphere for anyone entering your backyard space.

Divide the space

When you divide small space into sections, it provides the illusion that your space is actually bigger than it is. And a great way to divide the space is by using small shrubs. The hedges will serve as a fence and provide opportunities for you to carve out different spaces in your small yard for relaxing, gardening, and entertaining. 

Install a floating deck

Decks don’t have to be directly off your house. Instead, install a floating deck in the corner of your yard. This technique also gives the illusion of more space. You could add a hammock on the level surface for relaxing. Or you could add a bistro table and some chairs to entertain. The average cost for a ten by ten foot pressure-treated pine deck is approximately $2,000. 

Add vertical garden beds

Since you lack ground space, add some vertically tiered gardening beds. That way you can add beautiful flowers and plants without wasting any of your yard! You can either purchase these types of beds or make one yourself. 

Use your side yard

If you have space on the side of your home, use it! Install a walkway of pavers leading to an entry pergola, which signifies the beginning of the bonus space. The hardscape walkway is a good contrast to your flowers, trees, and shrubs. You can also add climbing plants and lights to your entry pergola making it an interesting statement in your backyard. 

Build an in ground plunge pool

While a large pool will likely take up all your backyard space, a plunge pool works great for a small yard. A plunge pool is for lounging instead of swimming. It’s the perfect way to cool off on a hot day. Besides being functional, you can string lights around it and make the pool the focal point of your small yard. 

Install an in ground hot tub

If a hot tub is more up your alley due to our New England climate, you can build an inground spa. Again, not only is it functional, but it also keeps the visual space open and your yard appears larger than it actually is. And if you install a deck around the hot tub, you’ve created a dual space for entertaining or relaxing. 

Organize and reduce clutter

It is always best to keep your backyard organized and free of clutter. When you clutter a room, it appears smaller and overwhelming. The same can be said about your outdoor space. Put away lawn equipment, garden tools and place an outdoor storage bin for toys and other small items. If you have room, get one of those outdoor ottomans that include storage space under the nice foot rest.

Now that you have some landscaping ideas to consider for your small backyard, try implementing what resonates most with you. Contact us if you need some help with the drainage and grading before you implement some of these ideas. And then have fun enjoying your upgraded space!