Site Preparation & Grading

Site preparation is the important first step to many landscape construction projects. Eliminating brush, cutting trees and removing stumps are necessary to prepare the land in order for your project to go correctly, and proper site grading provides the critical foundation to any landscaping project. From turning unimproved land into usable real estate to changing the function of your landscape, site preparation provides the blank canvas that is needed.

Common site preparation steps:

  • Consultation and Survey
  • Undergrowth Removal
  • Shrub Removal or Replanting
  • Tree and Stump Removal

  • Rock and Boulder Removal
  • Sod and Debris Removal
  • Earth Removal or Addition
  • Site Leveling and Grading

Site preparation often transitions directly into landscaping, so plantings, grass seeding or installation, and prep work for hardscaping such as retaining walls or walkways often occurs during and right after this process.

Preparation and landscaping gallery

The following gallery shows site preparation in advance of landscaping for a backyard. It included tree and stump removal, grading the wild land, as well as plant and lawn installation. Site preparation is usually the first step in any major landscaping project, and unskilled preparation will cause the rest of the project to suffer as well.

New England Enterprises can get your site prepared for whatever construction project you have in mind. We can remove trees, grade the land, add a retaining wall, patio and walkway and complete the finish work to make your yard look spectacular. What ever your landscaping needs you can count on us to help. Contact us for more information on any of our services or request a consultation to get you started on your project.

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Touré Foster did excellent work landscaping our back yard and we highly recommend his work, his integrity and his design sense. Mr. Foster does exceptional work and we thank you for the opportunity to commend him. We reviewed the long list of charities [they support through the WAITT program] and would suggest he continue to… “Geoff & Greta Reinhold”

Geoff & Greta Reinhold

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