Secret to a Long Lasting Patio

Author: Touré Foster

Posted in: Patio Construction

Secret to a Long Lasting Patio

Let’s say you get two bids for a new patio installation in your backyard. One is significantly cheaper than the other. Why is that? While this could be under-the-table contracting, there’s a much more likely scenario. Even with the same skill, labor and patio materials, the difference is in the ground preparation. It takes time, effort, equipment and more material to properly prepare the foundation. This creates a long lasting patio for your property.

Pitfalls of a Cheap Patio

The major differences between these bids is the depth of excavation and the materials used for the foundation. In the case of the cheaper patio, the excavation depth is roughly the depth of the pavers, bricks, tile, etc. that they are installing, plus a couple inches. During excavation, little attention is made to the type of ground, such as hard clay or soft loam. They only use a single material, sand, to back fill and level before they lay the patio material of choice is down.

With this single thin layer of this fine material, the problem is runoff erosion and settling. While side by side both patios will look great right after installation, time will treat the inexpensive patio much worse. The uniform appearance will start to sag and warp from the weight, weather, and settling ground. Soon you’ve got an eyesore and potential tripping hazard in your backyard you either have to repair or live with.

The Right Way to Make a Patio

So, how does that more expensive patio estimate avoid the pitfalls of the cheaper bid? It comes in two major stages. You’ll probably be able to tell right off the bat that you’re getting a long lasting patio or walkway.

Full Consultation and Planning

We live in a world of “Free Estimates,” so it’s always a surprise when someone charges for their time. However, you shouldn’t look at this as frugality or them scamming you. It’s a commitment of their time to come over to your home, perform a detailed inspection, and then go to their office and spend time, skill, and technical resources to bring you a full plan and bid. This isn’t a quick-look estimate, but a consultation: something you’d do with a lawyer or architect, and that you should be doing with your landscaper.

Excavation and Foundation

Although many companies can make a patio look nice, the key to making it long lasting is the preparation work to ensure stability. This work includes excavating out the loam or unsuitable material to the proper depth, filling the area back in and compacting the stone and gravel in lifts to avoid settling later, using a screed on the top layer of sand or stone dust to ensure proper pitch and run off and making sure the finish grade comes together, not just on the patio and the walkway, but the entire property to ensure the line of vision is smooth and uninterrupted.

Want to learn more about how to make your landscape and hardscaping last? Contact New England Enterprises and we’ll come out to do a full consultation and plan of your next project, walking you through every step of the way. Have a bigger project? We’re also full excavation and demolition experts, browse our site to learn more.