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Stone Retaining Walls Add Character to Your Yard

Stone Retaining Walls Add Character to Gardens

Your landscaping sets the stage for the beauty of the exterior of your home. Whether you are accentuating and beautifying the front of your home or creating a tranquil space in your backyard, there are few ways better than strategically adding gardens and landscaping. One thing to consider when planning your landscaping is the use of stone retaining walls.

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Types of Retaining Walls For Business & Commercial Projects

Types of Retaining Walls - New England Enterprises - Marlborough, MA

Retaining walls are one of the most integral parts of landscaping, both residentially and commercially. Many homes and buildings are built no hilly or uneven ground (especially in New England). When a building is on a slope it is extremely important to ensure the solidity of the rock and soil around the base of the building.

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