Projects that Require Landscape Excavation

Author: Touré Foster

Posted in: Excavation

Projects that Require Landscape Excavation

You probably haven’t given much thought to landscape excavation but there are some landscape projects that require proper site preparation and grading. So if you want to start a landscape project in your yard, one of the first things you’ll need to think about is excavation.

What is landscape excavation?

Landscape excavation means preparing a site for a landscape project by removing dirt and trees; digging, and grading. It requires heavy equipment (i.e., excavator, backhoe loader, tracker with a backhoe attachment) so call an expert for help.

Now that you’re familiar with excavation, read on to learn about types of landscape projects that require excavation.

An in-ground swimming pool

You’ve decided to take the plunge (pun intended) and put in an in-ground swimming pool in your yard. Digging the hole for the pool is a major step in this process, as the typical depth for pools is eight feet. But no matter the size of the pool, heavy machinery will be needed.

It’s also very important to avoid pipes. Because specialized skills are needed to operate the machinery and expert excavators know how to research where the pipes are, calling an expert for this type of excavation is critical.

A new driveway

If you’ve made the decision to put in a new driveway, large-scale excavation may be needed. But not always. Your best bet is to consult with an expert. While it’s true that you’ll need to excavate the unsuitable material to install the proper stone and gravel base, a more in-depth process will likely be needed if your driveway:

  • Has been compromised by tree roots
  • Is long and has variations in grade
  • Is steep

A patio

In landscaping terms, a patio is a hardscape as it’s an extension of your living space. Proper planning is the key to making your patio look nice and function well. Site preparation is an important step in planning your patio and it’s also where excavation comes into play. Digging out the area and removing unsuitable material to the proper depth is critical to ensure stability.

You’ll also need to make sure it’s sloped away from your house so storm water drains properly. Also, depending on the size of your patio, regulations may come into play regarding treating the storm water. Once again, calling in an expert for the excavation phase is beneficial so they can help you navigate regulatory issues.

A retaining wall

There are a myriad of reasons for building a retaining wall, some functional and some aesthetic. Functional reasons include correcting a drainage or grading issue. An aesthetic reason includes adding uneven terrain as a decorative landscape design.

But no matter what the purpose, building a retaining wall requires excavation with heavy machinery, as the hole will have to be deep enough to provide a solid foundation In addition, a properly built retaining wall can last forever so it’s important to call in an expert to do this work. The retaining wall requires proper drainage otherwise, it could crack or even worse fall!

A septic system replacement

Most homes are connected to public sewer systems, but many people living in smaller towns in Massachusetts still use septic tanks for on-site treatment of waste water.  If properly maintained, your septic system will remove and dispose of all waste material from the home.

If your system fails, it’s import to understand “Title V” law and hire a contractor who understands what you need to do to comply. You may have to redesign and replace the system, moving it to a new location. You will need a company who is licensed to excavate the area in order to access the tank and pipes.

Now that you’ve read through the different types of projects requiring landscape excavation, I hope you heed the advice provided throughout. No matter the project’s size, you should call in an expert to help.