Plan Your Spring Landscape Construction Project Now

Author: Touré Foster

Posted in: Landscape Construction

Plan Your Spring Landscape Construction Project Now

You are probably not thinking about your landscape or any major construction projects. You are too busy shoveling snow off your driveway. But winter is a great time to to plan your spring landscape construction project! While it seems like those things might not go together, it actually makes a lot of sense when you really think about it.

Why? Landscape construction projects take a lot of thought and planning if you want them to be done right and get what you want. So, it’s important to give yourself a solid few months of planning. And what better time than when you’re stuck indoors during the cold winter months!

Have you ever noticed that when you’re rushed you don’t make the best decisions? That’s why it’s important to start planning your construction landscape project early. Starting early gives you ample time to really think through your design options at a relaxed pace. Picture yourself sipping coffee sitting by a toasty fire and perusing a multitude of different ideas and photos online. Then, you can analyze some of those ideas with your landscape construction expert. Remember, it’s the designer’s slow season. So, they’ll have more time for you!

While having the extra time to plan is a key benefit for starting early, there are others, too. Read below to learn about the benefits.

1. Winter gives you time to plan the job properly.

Your yard is the biggest space you have. If you are planning to convert part of it into outdoor living space, you should take as much time as you would take to plan an addition to your home.

Do your research on what you would like your outdoor space to look like. Use websites like Houzz or Pinterest to get inspiration. Assemble your ideas so you can show the contractors what you have in mind.

Also do your research on landscape construction contractors. Ask for referrals from neighbors, look for online reviews and review their websites. Choose those that look like they are a good fit for your project.

Planning without major deadlines means you can research the right contractor and design the right space to meet your needs.

2. Winter provides a blank slate.

When flowers are out of the way, plants go dormant, and leaves fall off your bushes and plants, it’s much easier to see your landscape. At this point, you can make better decisions about what to remove and what to keep.

You can dispose of existing plants that you don’t like or are unhealthy. You can also decide what landscape elements you want to keep and which ones you want to relocate. And added bonus is that dormant plants have a better chance of surviving relocation.

2. Desolate winter landscapes put problems on display!

During winter, your flower beds and lawn are barren. So, it’s much easier to detect problems around your home that need fixing. There may be some erosion, which would benefit from a retaining wall. Or your deck may be rotting on the bottom, but was covered by your annual plants.

If you begin working with a contractor now, they have an opportunity to look at your property and determine if there are any issues they need to address such as standing water, frost heaves or drainage issues. Knowing these issues ahead of time means they can fix the problem before the outdoor space is completed.

Even if you’re not planning a landscape construction project in the spring, it’s important to check your yard for potential problems during the winter.

3. Demand is low so supply is high.

Economics 101 tells us when demand is low, supply is high. Therefore, if you look to purchase summer items in the winter (when most aren’t buying) then you’ll have a much better selection from which to choose. Then, you can order and have your items delivered in time for the start of your project. Speaking of project start dates, beginning early puts you ahead of the landscape construction rush in the spring.

4. Take advantage of the contractor’s downtime.

Designing your backyard transformation now is ideal. Most landscape construction contractors are at their slowest in winter and can help you plan the project in its entirety. By starting the project now, you get their undivided attention. Being less rushed by other projects, your contractor can pay attention to details, taking the time to walk your property to see how the plan fits in the space.

Once a final proposal is approved, the landscape construction project can be scheduled. It’s no surprise that when springtime comes, landscape construction companies are very busy.

Working your plan with a contractor now will put your project first in line for when the weather allows them to begin the excavation and site preparation part of the project. Having your design defined and materials chosen before the winter thaw will get you proper placement on their construction schedule.

If you wait to plan your project until spring, it may be autumn before your contractor can schedule your project. Getting a jump start on planning can be the difference of weeks, if not months!

5. Obtain permits and plan approvals.

Once your project is designed and the contractor is in place, you should work to obtain any necessary permits or plan approvals. These things take time. And if you get them early enough, your project can start as soon as the snow melts! Starting early means ending early, which will give you time to enjoy your new space in the nice weather.

Don’t wait. Schedule a consultation for your spring landscape construction project now and you’ll be sipping a cold beverage in your new space come late spring!