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4 Benefits of Winter Pruning Trees and Shrubs

4 Benefits of Winter Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Pruning is a horticultural and silvicultural practice involving the selective removal of certain parts of a plant, such as branches, buds or roots. Many experts agree winter is a good time to prune. So, sharpen your shears and prune on a mild day. Cut out dead and diseased branches first. Then remove overgrown branches. Make sure to keep all the branches critical to the structure of the tree.

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6 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

Americans are busier than ever. Children’s activities take up much of the weekend. Demanding jobs, plus long commutes, make weekday landscaping difficult. So, let’s face it, there’s never enough time for a high maintenance yard. If you you’re looking for low maintenance landscaping ideas for your front yard to free up your time for more fun, read on.

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Increase Your Home’s Resale Value with Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction Project: Backyard Patio

Whether you want to create more back yard enjoyment for your family, or you want to improve your back yard’s appearance for an upcoming sale, consider improving your property with landscape construction. Choose landscape features that you can enjoy now, and will also pay back dividends if and when you decide to sell. Contact New England Enterprises for an expert consultation for your drainage, grading or landscape construction project.

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Five Reasons to Grade Your Lawn

Reasons to Grade Your Lawn

Lawns are an important part of your property. Good lawns improve the appearance and curb appeal of your home. They provide an area to enjoy the outdoors in both the front and back yard, for your family as well as friends and guests. They also act as a watershed for your property, allowing water from impermeable surfaces such as your roof and driveway to be absorbed before they become a problem. However, bad lawns can hurt your home and even cause damage: today we will look at five reasons to grade your lawn.

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Landscaping to Minimize Flooding

Landscaping to Minimalize Flooding

Thousands of dollars are spent by home and business owners each year attempting to repair damages done by flooding, when they could be used proactively. Being prepared before it’s too late is the best way to fight against flood damage. By landscaping to minimalize flooding, a property owner can prevent flood damage and increase the appeal of your home or business. Flooding can also lead to pollution in local water systems, rainwater carrying pesticides and sediment from treated soil to nearby ecosystems and wreak havoc. To avoid flooding of flooding of homes and their yards, as well as preventing damage to businesses and their clients, take a look at options to remove the risk of flooding by landscaping your property.

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Summer Backyard: Designing a Patio

Designing a Patio with Pavers

Whether you’re looking to kick back and enjoy the outdoors or provide entertainment for guests, your patio will be center of your backyard. The functions of a patio are limitless allowing you to have plenty of options to choose from. Achieving the right look for your patio can be difficult but will be sure to leave guests in awe. If you’ve ever thought about increasing the value of your home or spicing up your backyard, a new patio could be exactly what you’re searching for this summer. Let’s talk about designing a patio.

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The Common Causes of a Persistent Wet Yard

Do you have ground on your property that is always soggy or has standing water, regardless of weather? Today we’re going to talk about possible sources for water on your property that persists for months or are always present. These causes are broken into three major categories: man made, spring, and soil. All three of these issues require different solutions, including excavation, landscaping, and grading.

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The Secret to a Long Lasting Patio

secret of a long lasting patio

Let’s say you get two bids for a new patio installation in your backyard, with one being significantly cheaper than the other. Why is that? While this could be under-the-table contracting, there’s a much more likely scenario: even with the same skill, labor, and patio materials, the difference is in the ground preparation. It takes … Read more

Types of Retaining Walls For My Business

Types of Retaining Walls - New England Enterprises - Marlborough, MA

There are several ways to build a retaining walls just as there are several materials which can be used. Retaining walls are one of the most integral parts of landscaping, both residentially and commercially. Many homes and buildings are built no hilly or uneven ground (especially in New England). When a building is on a slope it is extremely important to ensure the solidity of the rock and soil around the base of the building. In addition soil can shift overtime throughout the landscape which makes retaining walls an important structure to maintain the natural beauty and shape of the land.

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