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All contractor projects, from simple home installations to large commercial excavations, can be stressful for owners for a variety of reasons. We find the best way to resolve these issues is with transparency. From giving you a detailed breakdown of your project before starting, to clear and concise billing, we believe the more a client knows, the better. On this page, we’ll break down the process we use at New England Enterprises, as well as give you additional resources to make informed decisions.

The Consultation

We start with a consultation: we’ll come to the site to talk to you about your project or problem, as well as to take measurements, samples, or collect any other data we need to provide an accurate proposal. In our discussion with you, we’ll talk about the scope of work that you need to be performed, as well as your expectations for both the timeline and the budget of the program.

To learn more about budgeting for contractor project, please read our article “Budgeting for Contractor Projects”.

Designing Your Solution

Once we’ve talked to you about the project and collected the necessary data, it’s time for us to get to work. We work with drafting and engineering software to design the best solution for your particular project, and create plans for the different materials and complete project layouts depending on client ascetics and budgeting.

To learn more about what goes into this design work, please read our article “What is The Scope of Work of Your Project?”.

The Proposal and Pricing

With our completed designs, we produce the labor and material requirements of the project. The designs, as well as a breakdown of the project, is presented to you as part of the project proposal. This includes the different options for the final project, as well as the complete pricing for the project due to materials and labor. This will also include the timeline of the project and an estimate of the completion date.

Please note that we charge a consultation fee for the visit and design work for the proposal. This fee is deducted from the final invoice if we are awarded the project. Learn more on our Request a Consultation page.

Client: Making a Decision

After we’ve submitted the proposal to you, it’s time for you to decide. Review the proposal and contact us if you’d like to go over details or modify the project to fit additional needs or budget constraints.

Making a Project Deposit

Once you’ve awarded us the project from the proposal, a deposit must be made before work can commence. Part of scheduling the start date is making a deposit to secure the materials and labor needed for the project. The deposit will vary depending on the scope of work for the project.

Project Fulfillment

Once we’ve got the green light, it’s time to begin work. Using the timeline outlined in the proposal, we start the various stages of work, from getting the necessary work permits to finishing touches. Regular walk-throughs on the state of the project are suggested: let us know when you can be at the job site and we can show you the progress.

To learn more about the initial stages of a project (from initial meeting to building permits), please read our article “Before We Start a Job: The Timeline of a Project”.

The Final Walk-through

When the project has been completed, it’s time for the final walk through. We’ll go through the finished product, and assure that the project has met – and exceeded – expectations. After the final walk-through has been concluded, the final payment will be collected before we part ways.

Project Followup

While the project might be finished at this point, we feel our obligation is not. We’ll arrange a followup meeting at the project site to make sure you haven’t had any issues or unexpected problems develop. The time between the final walk-through and the followup meeting will vary depending on the scope of the project.

We will also approach you about providing a testimonial and a review for New England Enterprises. Our business succeeds due to the word-of-mouth of our satisfied customers.

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Toure was great! Very personable, reliable, easy to work with and willing to go the extra mile (literally and figuratively) to get the job done well. We would give him our highest… “Paul Schroy”

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