Is Renting a Dump Truck Right For You?

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If you are moving a serious amount of material there is no better way than a dump truck. Whether you want to move gravel, larger stone, precious top soil, fill, or any other sort of loose material to a residential or commercial location, a dump truck is one of the best ways to get the job done. While your pick up or crossover vehicle might be okay for small projects, if it’s a large job, you will want to enlist the help of a serious mover.

Renting a Dump Truck?

You have a few options when it comes to dump trucks, although at least one of them, is probably prohibitively expensive.

Purchase: Purchasing a dump truck is a major investment. Unless you are opening a construction business, this is probably not the way to go (even then, it might not be prudent). A new dump truck costs anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 depending on the model.

Rent: Renting a dump truck is ideal if you have a short term need or a seasonal need. Like with most things, if you plan on renting it for an extended period of time, it becomes increasingly costly. Also, if you are driving the truck, all liability is yours.

Hire a Professional: You can have a dump truck deliver something to your house. This is normally a good idea for cost efficiency. The dump truck service will be responsible for all liability and most companies require drivers to hold a CDL, participate in drug testing, and have many safety measures in place as liability protection.

Dump Truck or Pick Up?

For both commercial and residential situations, it’s very possible you have access to a pickup. In that case, you need to decide whether that is sufficient or not. Of course, when you stop off at the local home improvement store, it’s easy to run the eyeball test to determine how many bags of mulch will fit into your vehicle. However, when moving large amounts of loose material, you need a more measurable system.

What Is a Cubic Yard?

The cubic yard is how most large scale loose materials are sold. Because loose material can either fluff up or pack down it is deceptive in nature. It’s better to work with weights than dimensions. Generally speaking:

  • Mulch weighs roughly up to 1,000 lbs. per cubic yard, depending on the type and dryness
  • Soil weighs roughly 2,200 pounds per cubic yard, depending on dryness
  • Sand, gravel, and stone weigh as much as 3,000 pounds per cubic yard.

It’s possible that your truck can handle a load of that weight. Make sure you check the specifications from the manufacturer. If you are pushing the weight limit, consider renting a dump truck or having a dump truck service deliver it. If you are close to your weight limits, avoid highways and do not drive over 45 mph.

Note: A regular sized wheelbarrow will fill a cubic yard in about nine loads.

As you begin to plan out your project, make sure that you are correctly assessing how much moving ability you will need. At New England Enterprises, of Marlborough, MA we have both 6 wheel dump trucks and 10 wheel dump trucks which we use to transport materials to both commercial and residential locations. We are also able to order specific landscape supplies and deliver them to your work site. If you would like more information about our dump trucks or the dumpsters we rent, please contact us.  A fully licensed and insured excavation contractor, our team of professionals would love to help you.

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  1. I appreciate that you mentioned that hiring a professional can be more cost efficient, and that they have safety measures in place. Not only that, but because they are professionals, you already know that they have the experience and certification necessary to handle this equipment. It seems like it’s a great way to ensure that the job gets done right. Not only that, but it could be a great opportunity to consult them about your project, especially if they happen to know a lot about the type of material that is being delivered.

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