5 Ideas for Outdoor Patio Additions

Ideas for Outdoor Patio Additions

If you want to find a way to spend more time relaxing on your patio and make it a destination for events with friends and family, here are five ideas for outdoor patio additions. These options range from small to big can have your outdoor space feeling new and exciting.

New Surfacing

Certain styles of patio pavements can crack and fade over time, especially if they were artificially stained. This can make your outdoor space look aged and outdated. Either start new with brand new pavement–plain, colored, or embellished– or when it comes to durable materials, nothing beats the glossy natural stone of marble, granite, or quartz.

Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

An outdoor fireplace can be a great addition if you love spending time on your patio in the evening or at night to add extra warmth, light, and allow you to roast food. Fireplaces help control air conditions to guarantee fire quality and make your patio a home with a hearth. Fire pits give a more rustic feeling, can accommodate more people, limit vision less, and are a breeze for installation.


Like patios, walkways serve as extensions of your indoor living space. A simple paved walkway connecting your patio to your home can be a great addition, both aesthetically and practically. There is a wide range of material types from natural wall stone and clay to cast concrete. These allow you to protect the environment of your backyard, as well as make movement two and from your patio and other backyard locations more enjoyable, safer, and convenient.


When you think gazebo, you might automatically think of a Victorian gazebo, a tent-shaped octagonal wooden structure. These are usually painted a pristine white with little steps, handrails and ornate trim. However, gazebos come in a vast range of styles of roofs, columns, and open or closed styles. For a big project, you can have one custom built. Building a gazebo can be a great way to integrate electricity into your outdoor space to add lighting, a fan, or even food preparation. It’s important to have a foundation for your structure to prevent the weather destroying it.


Pergolas are similar to gazebos but have an open lattice structure of wooden cross beams instead of a standard roof. This is preferable if you have a patio with less sun exposure. Like gazebos, pergolas can be used to integrate electricity. For an added glow, you could wrap outdoor light around the beams for year-round mood lighting. If you want more shade and have the patience, you can train vines to grow into a naturally beautiful covering, much like a trellis.

Having a stable foundation for your patio or walkway is the best way to begin. Contact New England Enterprises to learn more about best practices for installing a patio or walkway. We can provide you the look you want while maintaining a practical perspective on the project, resulting in a quality finished product that you can enjoy for years to come.