How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

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A beautiful landscape is incomplete without a full, lush lawn. Lovely flower beds and walkways will seem unfinished without well maintained and eye please green grass as the backdrop of quality landscaping. Beyond its appearance a lawn has practical considerations, such as preventing soil erosion and providing a soft carpet for recreational activities. But to get that beautiful lawn is an ongoing project requiring disciple and attention.

Grass tends to be on the more resilient side of plant life. However, certain methods constitute “best practices” for a healthy sustainable lawn. One of the most important “best practices” for lawn care is correct watering methods. Frequent, light watering’s will encourage shallow roots which will not last during the hot summer droughts. Less frequent, more intense watering sessions will develop stronger grass which can better handle the summer months. Avoid using your sprinkler systems each night, as some home owners tend to do. If the grass is losing its vibrant green color or footprints remain visible, it’s time to water again.

When should you water your lawn?

Since you are watering once or twice a week, it’s not necessary to water at night. In fact, watering at night, encourages fungal and mildew growth. Between 6 AM and 10 AM is the best time to water as it will allow the grass to dry out during the hot midday period. Watering during the hottest part of the day will be less productive, because the heat will cause much of the water to evaporate before it is absorbed by the lawn.

How long should you water your lawn?

Your lawn needs about 1 inch to 1 ½ inch of water per week. It can be difficult to say accurately how long it will take you as that depends on your sprinkler. Most systems will take about an hour. One creative way to judge is to take an empty container about an inch deep (like a tuna fish can) and leave it in the grass. When it fills up, you are at an inch of water. To judge how much rain has fallen, you can consult local weather reports or buy a rain gauge from your local garden store.

It’s okay to let your lawn go dormant

As long as you properly feed your lawn in the spring, it is okay to let it go dormant during the summer drought. It won’t look pretty, but as long as it doesn’t get trampled it will respond once the rains begin to fall again.

No matter your watering strategy, a healthy lawn is one of the basic ingredients of any attractive landscape. If you would like to improve your landscape, contact New England Enterprises, Marlborough, MA for an estimate. In addition to general landscaping, we also provide top notch grading and draining, both of which will enhance the beauty and health of your lawn. We have the expertise, equipment and manpower to fully meet your landscaping needs.

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  1. I’m glad you said that water your grass for less frequent, intense sessions so it will become stronger. I’ve never had to deal with grass because I lived in an apartment for seven years, but now that my husband and I have moved to a house with a yard, I want to keep the lawn looking green. After I have sprinkler services put sprinklers in, I’ll be sure to water the grass at the right time to make it strong.

  2. We are planning to get the front lawn landscaped, and I decided that I will do my research before we do so as to be sure that we care for it the right way. Since ti will be mainly comprised of plants, I thought that the first thing that I need to consider is the watering. It was good that I came across this article because I learned that watering at night was not a good idea as it can encourage the growth of mold and mildew on the plants. I will be sure to mention that to my family, although I am quite sure that they plan on getting an irrigation system. Thank you!

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