How to Find the Right Excavation Contractor

Big excavator in front of the blue skyAlmost every home or commercial construction project starts with digging. From site grading to trenching to full-on foundation excavation, it all starts with earth movers and diggers. Because the rest of the project is built on top of this, it also means that having a well-done excavation is critical to the project. As an excavator ourselves, here’s what we recommend to look for in the right excavation contractor, regardless of if you’re inside or outside our service area.

Do They Have the Equipment and a History of Using It?

The biggest thing that defines an excavation contractor is their equipment and how long they’ve been using it. This isn’t just a case of finding experienced professions but also finding the ones that want to A) work on your project and B) have the ability to do it.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Project

Like in all fields, excavators specialize. For the most part size of their equipment and manpower pool makes them focus on a certain scope of work. New England Enterprises focuses on all sizes of residential, along with Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) projects, due to the mid-sized equipment we have and can field at a time.

History and Reputation

How long has the company been around, how much experience do they have, and what can they show for it? Long established companies with owners that have a lot of field experience (our own Touré Foster has 25 years of experience in this field), with testimonials to back them help can help you narrow down your options.

Do They Have Expertise in Related Fields?

Excavation is two things: only a part of a larger project and messy work. Having excavation contractors who also wear the hats of landscaping, construction, and more helps with these. One contractor doing multiple projects means fewer project errors due to miscommunication between contractors, less time and money, and more consistent work. Here are some things to check to see they do when you hire a contractor.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

Before excavation can start, the site needs to be cleared. After the excavation is done, you’ll need to get the worksite repaired with landscaping. For structures, you’ll need to build paths, retaining walls against erosion, driveways, etc. Having your excavation company able to perform landscape construction as well means fewer contractors, faster work, and having a restored or improved site afterwards.

Trucking and Demolition

Site clearing and excavation often means you’ll need dumpsters and trucks to dispose of the waste. Can your contractor provide that? Other services like demolition can make the entire project easier. Have a garage you want to replace with a room addition? Get the structure demolished and the excavation prepared under one contract.

At New England Enterprises we’ve found these are some of the reasons clients have come to us and come back to us, along with our focus on first-time, long lasting work, from site preparation to patios. Want to learn more? Contact us today and get a consultation scheduled for your project.

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2 Responses to How to Find the Right Excavation Contractor

  1. Marcus Coons September 9, 2017 at 4:23 pm #

    I loved when you mentioned how one of the biggest things to consider when choosing an excavation contractor is their equipment. It is important to remember that choosing a contractor that has the right equipment for the typ0e of project you are doing can help you get it done fast without causing any damage to underground lines. As I see it, taking the time to look for online reviews and to compare several contractors in your area can help you find the most reputable one to help with your excavation.

  2. Marcus Coons September 13, 2017 at 9:23 pm #

    Thank you for mentioning how you should consider an excavator that can work on your project and is available to do it. I can see that taking the time to consider this can help you find a contractor that can help you excavate and do it right. IT is always a great idea to remember to check with the BBB to make sure the contractor you plan to hire has proper licenses and certifications for the industry.

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