Factors to Consider When Contracting with a Snow Removal Company

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As a business owner, you might be thinking about how to keep your building free of snow this time of year. Partnering with a reputable snow removal company can keep your business accessible, decreasing downtime and reducing liability after a snowstorm.

Factors to Consider for Your Business Property’s Snow Removal

When considering what parts of your business property should be kept free of snow, you should take into account three factors: appearance, convenience, and liability. You should ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you want your business to look, and do you mind drifts of plowed snow?
  • What paths should you clear to be convenient to customers, employees, and suppliers?
  • What areas, if left with snow and ice, could create an unsafe condition, and would your business be deemed negligent if an accident or injury occurs?

Factors When Making a Plan for Snow Removal

Here are the areas of your business that you should include in your plan for snow removal:

Parking Lot

The biggest part of your business is most likely your parking lot. Whether for your employees, customers, or both, parking lots usually require snow removal for your business to function. If your parking lot is difficult to access or impassable after a snowstorm, your customers may go out of their way to patronize another business where the snow has been cleared. Clearing snow and ice from your parking lot should be a top priority for every winter storm.

Backend and Loading Docks

While not seen or used by the public, the roads that run around the back of your business are often used by your employees, as well as by trucks delivering or receiving goods. Plow to keep materials and goods flowing in and out of your business. Make sure that loading docks are kept clear of snow and ice to reduce the risk of injuries.

Sidewalks and Customer Entry

If you have pathways or sidewalks that see traffic to, from, or through your property, make sure they are clear of snow and ice for both convenience and liability concerns.

Employee Entrance

It’s important to not overlook entrances used by your employees, either in their entrance into or out of your building, or in their daily tasks.

Factors in a Parking Lot Snow Removal Estimate

Small parking lots can be plowed in less than an hour. Larger parking lots such as outside “big box” stores require hours to plow with multiple vehicles. Think about the following questions, which will determine your snow removal contract estimate.

  • What is the size of your parking lot? Probably the biggest factor, the size directly factors into time for the contractor, which affects the fee.
  • Do you want your parking lot sanded or salted? If you want the area treated after plowing, this is usually an additional cost. Sand or other organics might be a better choice if pets or children frequent your business.
  • When do you want them to start plowing and how often? If you contact your snow removal contractor before the snow stops, they may request to start plowing early and come back later to do again. This is a more efficient use of your contractor’s time: it takes less time to plow a small accumulation several times than a large amount of snow once.
  • Should the snow be piled or removed? Most contracts call only for snow to be pushed to the edges and/or corners of your lot and to be piled up in drifts. If you want the snow trucked away or melted, this often costs extra.

The Benefits of Having a Snow Removal Contract

A constant theme in this blog has been the advantages of planning ahead. One of your best options is to take out a seasonal contract with a reputable snow removal company before the winter begins. Not only does this guarantee a place in their queue, but also enables them to come at optimal times for snow removal, not just when you call them.

If you’re interested in partnering with a commercial snow removal company in the Marlborough area, contact New England Enterprises. We provide 24-hour snow plowing, de-icing, removal, and relocation services. We also can treat surfaces with Magic Salt™, a highly effective ice melting product, even at temperatures as low as -30 degrees F.