Enhance Your Landscape with Natural Stone

Author: Touré Foster

Posted in: Landscape Construction

Enhance Your Landscape with Natural Stone

There are a variety of ways to improve how your landscape looks. One idea is to add natural stone features. By doing so, you can increase the value of your home by making your landscape more visually appealing.

Before we get into some options to consider for using natural stone to improve your landscape, let’s briefly cover why using natural stone is a good idea.

Why Use Natural Stone?

Landscaping with natural stone is an extremely appealing option for many homeowners. Natural stone is timeless and adds a classic look to your landscape. But there are some benefits as well.

  • It’s durable, which means it can withstand all types of New England weather. Plus natural stone becomes more attractive as it ages. Stone surfaces can wear down to a smooth polish. Sunlight can bring out the natural colors. This durability also makes natural stone a cost-effective landscaping option.
  • Natural stones blend into the landscape as if it was always there. Natural stone pavers can highlight your landscaping. And if you tackle your projects over time, using the same material keeps the look consistent. and cohesive.
  • Unlike some manufactured stones that are made using additives, natural stone is environmentally friendly.

Ways to Use Natural Stone

Now that we know why it’s a good idea to use natural stone, let’s look at some of the ways to feature natural stones to improve your landscape.

Patios and Walkways

A common way to add natural stone to your landscape is by installing a patio or walkway.

  • Using natural stepping stones for your pathway will create a classic feature to draw attention and add interest to your landscape.
  • Featuring a stone patio in your yard not only adds to your living space for relaxing and entertaining, but it also breaks up your landscape and is an attractive visual element. Plus using natural stone for the patio will help make it last longer due to its durability. You won’t have to worry about cracking or discoloration, as the stone is naturally resistant.

If you are considering adding a patio or walkway to your property, learn more about the many additional benefits that patios and walkways can provide.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are another option for adding natural stone to your landscape. You can install them in your garden to serve a practical purpose i.e., keeping soil or mulch from washing away. But retaining walls are also an appealing focal point in your landscape. Learn more about how you can use natural stone retaining walls to enhance your landscape.


You can add small natural stones to your landscape as accent pieces. Consider using them to line a path that weaves through your lawn. Or to surround your garden. The stones will draw attention to your garden and are functional, as they keep your mulch in place.

You can also go big! Large rocks in your landscape serve as attention-getters. They break up the monotony of your lawn in a natural way. Because there are so many natural stone alternatives, you can choose a stone that compliments the natural pieces in your yard or you can pick something unique to compliment what’s already there.

Now that you have some ideas to consider on how to use natural stone to improve your landscape, call an expert for advice about what would work best for your home!