Many companies can come in and replace your driveway, but to get the job done right, it takes painstaking preparation work to ensure your driveway lasts for years to come. New England Enterprises takes the time to start driveway construction from the group up: to excavate the unsuitable material and install the proper stone and gravel base, compact it to ensure stability and grade and finish the asphalt surface. We pave only our properly prepared driveway surfaces.

Our driveway services include:

  • Driveway Consultation and Troubleshooting
  • Complete Driveway Excavation and Replacement
  • New Driveway Installations
  • Additional Parking Areas or Extensions
  • Driveway Patching and Pot Hole Repair
  • Road Way Area Installations and Improvements

Whatever your driveway issues or project, we can help. Contact us to explain your specific needs or project, and we'll provide a design that meets requirements and aesthetics. New England Enterprises has both the tools and experience.

Excavation and driveway construction gallery

In the following gallery you can see the entire process, from excavation of the site, to the layering of stone and gravel for a completely prepared surface. Paving over previous asphalt or just removing the asphalt layer doesn't solve existing problems to the site, and can lead quickly to the new driveway cracking as the unprepared ground buckles and shifts. Instead we avoid these short cuts for a long-lasting driveway for our customers.

We've got the tools and experience to handle your project, no matter the size or requirements. Contact us to get more information on getting a new driveway or road way area at your home or request a consultation to get started on your driveway project.

Our Service Area


Just a quick note of thanks for a job very well done today with the heavy wet snow fall and all the help clearing trees and debris from the roads on the campus. Your efforts did not go unnoticed and we very much appreciate the excellent service and working relationship.

Nelson Pleau Managing
Director for Campus Planning and Facilities
Harvard Medical School
Southborough Campus

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