Designing the Perfect Small Outdoor Space

Designing the Perfect Small Outdoor Space

People love to socialize with family and friends outdoors. Fresh air, warm temperatures, and good food and drink are a great way to catch up with each other. If you are looking at your yard and have a small outdoor space already, you might be thinking about how to upgrade this space and make it more useful. And if you don’t have one available, you might want to consider getting one added.

With the warm weather just around the corner, now is the time to create that outdoor space you’ve been dreaming about. The tips below can help you design the perfect space. And don’t worry if your space is relatively small. Whether it’s a narrow balcony, a small patio, or a tiny deck, our ideas will help turn your outdoor space into a practical and fun place to relax or entertain.

Create an outside extension of your living room

If you have a small deck or screened-in porch, here are some low-cost ways to create an extension of your indoor living room. 

  • Leave the slider to the outdoor space open.
  • Purchase an all-weather rug.
  • Add some seating, such as a small love seat or some comfy chairs.
  • Add a small side table.
  • Get some accessories. Candles, pillows, lights, and plants that match your indoor décor will bring the look outdoors.

And now you have an extension of your living room outside!

Add space-saving furniture

If you choose to do your entertaining outdoors or if you want a place to lounge in the sun, choose space-saving furniture.

  • For a conversation arrangement, get folding chairs and some comfortable pads to sit on. When they’re not needed, fold the chairs and put them away. 
  • For dining, add a small bistro table along with those folding chairs. When you’re not eating, use the bistro table as an end table or to hold a potted plant. 
  • When you’re ready to relax, pull out your chaise lounge and add the bistro table to hold your drink and electronics or book. 
  • Purchase a wooden storage bench. This multi-purpose piece can serve as extra seating, display candles or potted plants, be a place to store items when you want to de-clutter the space!

Use techniques that draw your eye up and around the space

Take a small patio, as an example. There are design elements you can implement that give the illusion of a bigger space. 

  • Create a hanging wall and add various types of plants to it. The vertical surface creates dimension and is pleasing to the eye, but it’s also functional in that it frees up floor space for other things.
  • Enclose an area of your deck or patio with fences, structures, and plants. Add an umbrella, comfortable chairs, lighting, and space heaters for 3-season usage.
  • String lights across the top of the hanging wall to draw the eye up. 
  • Finally, get some wood pallets or pieces of stone to create depth by adding different levels. 
  • Add some drapes to the space. Adding drapes is functional, as they provide privacy and shade. They also create a living room feel and will entice you to use the space no matter how small it is. 

Purchase a fire pit table

Fire pit tables have become very popular in recent years. They are an attractive, practical addition to your outdoor space. It’s functional in many ways. It will help keep you warm on cool spring and autumn nights. You can also use it to toast marshmallows for a fun after-dinner treat. It can also double as a table or foot rest! Plus, there are many options to suit every style, whether your décor is contemporary, modern, or somewhere in-between.

Add a small, outdoor living space

If you don’t already have a small outdoor space, consider adding one to an area that extends your living space for that stay-at-home getaway. Or if you have an exposed patio, consider upgrading it to something you can enjoy more often.

  • Install a patio at the bottom of your back door stairs. This makes it easy to access for a quick breakfast or relaxing area for the end of your day.
  • Create a secluded enclosed patio or gazebo on your property. Situate this outdoor room where it gets plenty of sun and shade for year-round enjoyment.
  • Add a pergola or roof over your deck to block the midday sun. Covered porches make a wonderful gathering space to chat and enjoy a cool beverage.

If you are looking to add that perfect patio to your property, we can help get your landscape ready for this new structure. When you have decided on the right small outdoor space for you, contact us so we can help you lay the right foundation.