Demolition and Disposal Services

Whether you are tearing down an old shed in the backyard or taking down an entire house, New England Enterprises has the trucks, equipment and manpower to provide exterior demolition services. Whether it is complete or partial, residential or commercial, we can demolish an existing structure, remove and dispose of the debris in a safe environmentally friendly way. Our demolition services can also provide back fill and resurfacing services to meet the future needs of the site.

Services include:

  • Demolition of Residential Homes
  • Removal of Garages and Outbuildings
  • Demolition of Basements and Foundations
  • Removal of Slabs and Asphalt
  • Demolition of Swimming Pools
  • Stump Removal and Rock Removal
  • Full Disposal and Cleanup Services
  • Material Moving via Heavy Equipment
Demolition and Hazardous Materials
Demolition and Hazardous Materials
Demolition and Hazardous Materials
Demolition and Hazardous Materials

Demolition of small structures and buildings may seem like an easy job, but it takes a properly licensed and insured contractor to guarantee that the job is done correctly. Often demolition work needs to be done in tight spaces or the building to be demolished is still attached to an existing structure. In addition, demolition work can be dangerous as old buildings can easily collapse or there are hidden hazards that can emerge during the demolition process. Our track record proves that we can do the job with confidence and our clients know that they can trust our company on any demolition project.

Condemned house demolition

The following gallery shows the demolition of a condemned house that was destroyed by fire, including initial demolition, disposal, and site preparation.

Need to remove a structure from your property? We can help get it done on time and within budget. Give us a call or contact us via email or request a consultation to get started on your project.

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