How a Custom Patio Benefits Your Home

Author: Touré Foster

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Ways a Custom Patio Benefits Your Home

As a homeowner, do you always wish you had more livable space? Do you love to relax or entertain in a nice outdoor setting? If so, consider investing in a new or renovated custom patio or patio deck to enhance your home. In addition to giving you the space you need, a custom patio can provide many benefits. From return on investment to more living space for your family, learn the reasons why you should consider adding a custom patio to enjoy now and into the future.

Return on Investment

If you ever decide to sell your home, a custom patio that adds to the living space of a home can increase the resale value. It’s a great place to entertain friends and family and spend time together, especially when it includes seating and flower beds or other planters.

But the question is, how much is the return on investment?

  • According to PaveTech (an outdoor equipment retailer) if a homeowner spends between two thousand and four thousand dollars on a new, custom patio, it should provide an 80 percent return on investment.
  • According to the real estate site, custom patios will only yield a 30 to 60 percent return on investment.

So which will you get? You may get more depending on where you live, the investment amount, and the quality of workmanship. If the project is done properly and is built as a feature of the home, it will yield closer a higher return when you sell your home. Plus if you create a covered patio, these are popular with today’s buyer and will maximize your return.

But value isn’t just the return you get when you sell your home. Also take into account the value you get out of the investment for yourself.

More Living Space

When you add a new patio, you’re adding living space to your home! It connects the indoors with the outdoors by offering a level and sturdy area to add a hot tub, a grill and table, or a fire pit! It’s a comfortable spot to relax by yourself, eat with your family, and socialize with your friends.

Now that more people are working from home, patios have become important selling points. In fact, some experts believe a well-installed and designed patio can increase a home’s asking price by up to $10,000.

It’s also important to note a professional will ensure that water drains away from the patio. So, your belongings will last longer.

Low Maintenance

Patios are considered low maintenance, as the space is designed for the outdoors. However, if it’s not built well, you may run into problems. It’s important to use materials that last. Items like concrete pavers, bricks, or natural stone are the best options. Typically, they don’t crack or sustain much damage.

And, to clean a patio, you can either spray it with a hose or use a pressure washer. Leaf blowers are another option if you need to clear debris. All of these alternatives are relatively easy to do and don’t take up much of your time!

Lots of Options

Traditional patios were never covered, but now due to advances in design, construction and technology, and materials there are many options to consider for your patio. By adding a covering to your patio, it will increase the return on investment and you can use the space year-round. In fact, some people are choosing to add custom patios to house their outdoor kitchens. Others are using the space to make outdoor family rooms or game rooms.

Whatever you decide for you home, make sure the patio looks like it was installed when the home was built. Work with a contractor who can help you determine the best location and size for your patio. Make it proportional to your home and property size.

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So, don’t forget. Hire a professional to help you work through the options and ensure the project is done right!