Building Ordinance Laws and Demolition

Building Ordinance Laws and Demolition

If your building has been damaged, you may be forced to rebuild instead of repair due to your state and city laws. Building ordinance laws are ever changing and can leave a building needing complete removal in the event of fire or water damage. For example buildings with lead paint are no longer classified as “safe” so, all buildings nationwide had to replace the paint based on the new ordinance. In some cases ordinance laws can demand more demolition; say a building recently has a fire inside it. That whole area of the building that has been affected must be properly demolished and then rebuilt following all ordinances before it can be deemed up to code once again.

Understanding Building Ordinance

Building ordinances laws set standards of safety for construction and building material, and are always being updated. Buildings that were once safe may no longer be up to code. If such a building is no longer in line with ordinance code, notice must be given for the owner and occupants. However, the issue can arise again if the building is damaged. If fire, flood, or other damage damages more than 50% of the building not up to code, it needs to be demolished and rebuilt. Just be aware that not all cities follow the same codes and rules, there are those than can differ from one another. It is best to look up your city’s ordinance rules prior to purchasing a building.

Accessing the Damage

In the event of an ordinance being in place any building owner should first assess the damage and get an estimated cost for the repairs. Necessary repairs can be due to a number of things ranging from natural disasters, neglect while constructing the building, etc. In some cases such as the lead paint epidemic an ordinance can be put in place if humans are being exposed to harmful chemicals or materials.

Proper Demolition: Finding the Right Contractor

Proper demolition of a building requires time and professional help. Whether it be the use of heavy machinery or ensuring that no further damage is done a professional company is essential to any demolition project. Demolishing requires precision, and a plan prior to the work being done. Professionals will have access to the best tools for the job and will drastically limit the risk of injury if a homeowner was to attempt to do the work themselves. What many don’t take into account with demolition work is the amount of clean up required after.

Proper Disposal and Removal

Professionals will tell you that construction and especially deconstruction can be very messy. By choosing a professional service they will ensure the mess leaves with them once the job is done. Just be aware that without some type of ordinance coverage in your insurance policy the cost of demolition and repairs can become costly. Without the proper insurance an ordinance problem can leave the owner paying a large amount of money out of their own pocket.

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