Tips for Using Boulders in Landscape Design

Using Boulders in Landscape Design

Using boulders in your landscape design is risky. If you don’t use them right, they can look weird and out of place. But if used correctly, they can make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood. Read on and we’ll show you how to mitigate the risk and help you use boulders the right way.

Check out these five tips to ensure that your boulders are achieving their maximum potential.

Choose the right location

First you’ll want to keep the boulder away from an undesirable object in your yard (like an air conditioning unit.) Because the rock will attract attention, putting it somewhere you want to draw attention to is important. Also, did you know that boulders heat up as the temperature increases? So if you want a rock in your garden, you’ll need the nearby plants to be able to withstand the extra heat.

Choose the right rock

You may not know this, but landscape architects can provide you with recommendations for the right rock for your specific purpose or location. For example, if you want to use a boulder to draw attention to something else in your yard, the Landscaping Network suggests using a reclining boulder. This rock is higher and narrower on one side than on the other side. It’s sometimes called an ox stone because it looks strong. Its top diagonal line is like a pointer so it helps draw attention to desirable elements in your landscape.

Dig out a spot for the boulder.

Once you choose the place you want to put your boulder, make sure you dig a hole into the ground for it. One of the main reasons a boulder looks out of place is when it’s just plopped on top of the ground. You should dig a hole that’s approximately five inches deep and the same as your boulder’s width. As with most things in nature, like pumpkins or even Christmas trees, there’s usually a more attractive side of the boulder. Find the best side before placing the rock. Remember there are experts available to help you with placing large boulders.

Put your boulders in pairs or in three’s

In nature, boulders are usually grouped together. So, if you put one boulder in a spot in your yard, chances are it will look out of place. Try putting them in pairs or even better in threes. You could put a pair side by side and then other one close by. But the key with this step is making a plan before you place the boulders in your yard. You’ll likely need a professional with the proper equipment to assist you with the placement.

Keep safety in mind

You also need to keep in mind that large boulders can cause injuries if they’re not secure. For example, be very careful and seek the assistance of a professional if you’re putting boulders near or around a hill or slope. The last thing you want is for the boulder to get loose during a rainstorm or even worse if someone sits on it.

As we all know, homes in New England don’t have a shortage of boulders and rocks in our yards. If you have some that are above ground, take advantage of those if they are in the right place to create your landscape design. If the boulder is in the wrong place in your yard, have it removed or moved to a location that suites your needs.

Follow these five tips to make your landscape boulders look natural and help your landscape be the talk of the neighborhood!