Benefits of Fall Tree Planting

Benefits of Fall Tree Planting

Many people inaccurately believe spring is the only time you should plant trees. But that’s just not true! Fall is an excellent time for planting a new tree or two as well. Why? Fall provides some unique advantages that help the trees flourish in their new location.

1. Fewer pests

Insects that are harmful to trees are more often found in the spring and summer months. Once the temperature starts to get cooler, these pests are less active. Thus, planting in the fall allows your tree to thrive without the threat of harmful insects! 

2. Ideal temperatures

Your new tree will begin establishing its root system once you plant it during the fall. Since summer has just past, the soil is still warm, but not hot. Did you know heat causes trees stress, making it difficult for roots to establish properly? That’s why the cooler fall temperatures are perfect for newly planted trees. Additionally, the shorter days indicates the onset of winter. This signals the tree to send resources straight to its roots in preparation for dormancy. And once dormant, the newly planted tree focuses all its energy on growing and establishing its root system, which will continue throughout the winter. Finally, a healthy root system leads to vigorous spring growth, which is a huge advantage!

Fun fact: if the soil temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or more, tree roots will continue to grow!

3. Less maintenance

As discussed, trees go dormant in the winter. This state is similar to hibernation. As a result, this sleep state slows the tree’s energy consumption and growth. Therefore, a tree planted in the fall is much easier to maintain than a tree planted in the spring.

Fun fact: trees planted in the fall are more likely to handle heat and droughts in the future.  

4. Ample water

Many people believe planting in the spring is ideal due to spring showers. However, the spring rain is often followed by a hot and dry summer, which won’t provide the appropriate amount of water your tree will need. On the flip side, rain is usually moderate in the fall. Additionally, the cooler temperatures cause trees to lose less water through their lives. Thus, your tree will likely stay naturally hydrated. 

Now that you know the unique advantages of planting in the fall, such as ideal temperatures and ample water, you should try it! Give your yard additional character by planting some new trees now. And contact us to help you grade and prepare your land for planting.